Finger positions for this tune
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Look at the first note. It is squarely in the red space, so you play that note on the A string with no fingers down. The number below the note tells you it’s played with no fingers down on the A string. (Look at the Finger Positions for this Tune page to show you where your fingers go.) Look at the second note. It is sitting on the line above the red strip. This means you play the A string with your first finger on it's spot.

Look at the second and third note. The second note is played on the A STRING with the first finger down. The third note is ONE STEP ABOVE the second note, so you use your second finger to play it: A-TWO. In the second measure there’s a note sitting on the green stripe. This means you play it on the E string with no fingers down (called "open E"). The last note on the first line is D-TWO, because it's above the blue stripe and below the red stripe.

Use a lot of the bow to play each note. One bow stroke per note, the first going down, the second going back in the other direction without lifting the bow off the strings. Keep the bow perpendicular (like “T”) to the strings. Look at the picture in the techniques section if you’re confused.