First Five Irish Tunes: Fiddle Technique



How to put finger position stripes on the fiddle neck

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Hold the Fiddle and bow:

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Study the picture some more! Her chin is on the chinrest. This is what's holding the fiddle up. If it falls when you let go with your left hand, use some kind of shoulder rest or fold up a soft cloth on your shoulder. Her left hand does very little fiddle holding. The fiddle isn't 'way out over her shoulder. She can watch the music and the fiddle at the same time.

Move the bow from the frog to the tip and back again, always keeping it perpendicular to the fiddle strings (like a "T"). This will be easier of you use the correct bow hold and keep your wrist LOOSE. Practice this movement on each string, sounding only one string at a time and trying for an even tone and volume all the way. Don't press hard with the bow; let it sit on the strings and use your first finger and pinkie to control the pressure of the bow on the strings so it doesn't squeak (too light) or sound like horror film creaking doors (too heavy).