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December 2000 and 2001 saw two fundraisers in Chicago for the Davis Developmental Center on the city’s southeast side. Click a picture for more.

 Almost all the population of this school, children 3-6 years old, many with multiple handicaps, comes from families below the poverty line. We – Mark and all of us at World Folk Music - started out with the objective of replacing a small donation from a corporation that had chosen to discontinue giving. This been used to buy Christmas presents for the children. We ended up with much more than that, due to the generosity of many people in Chicago. Bit by bit, we were able not only to get presents for the children but also help their families by establishing a fund to donate special appliances – wheelchairs, braces and the like – which were financially out of reach.

The 2000 Benefit was at Café Luna on the 1900 block of 103rd in Beverly (south Chicago). The Café donated the space for the evening. The 2001 event was at Ridge Academy, 103rd near Western Avenue. Here are some of the people who made the events a success.

We’ll do it again next year. If you want to help, or just donate to the fund, e-mail me at djames@tiompanalley.com, and I’ll tell you what to do.


Mark Malinowski, the prime mover in both events, a long-time volunteer at the school, a general all-around great guy. Here he is in 2000 trying to pass off credit to others for the success of the occasion, when it was really him that deserved it.



The 2001 event location was underwritten by John Devens, whose store, World Folk Music, is at 1909 E. 103rd in Beverly. He also donated door prizes. John’s group, Dyed In The Wool, also performed at the event. Everybody worked for free. We had a lot of help from my students and their families, and from Mark’s wife Bonnie.



Caitlin and Maggie Taff are dancing; brother Danny (behind the green music folder) and I are playing reels and jigs behind them.



This is Anna Stange, who performed at both 2000 and 2001 concerts. She has a new CD recording out entitled A Family Album. She does folk songs like “Simple Gifts,” and “You Are My Sunshine.” Anna is full of sunshine, brilliant with kids, and a great performer. Follow her appearances and activities by clicking the picture. That’ll get you to two websites.



A band is born! For the 2000 benefit, Steve Haberichter, the mandolin player in the middle of the picture, and a guitar teacher at World folk Music, put together a bluegrass band. Click on the picture for more about



This is Dyed in the Wool with me sitting in. click the picture and check out John Devens tearing up the mandolin, and get some booking information



This is Patrick Finnegan, Kim Hoffmann and myself at the 2000 benefit.



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