Music students are the greatest!

With active music education, students are well rounded, smarter in many other subjects, literate in the arts, connect with history, and possess a skill that will last a lifetime. It’s never too late to start. Music is much more fun upon retirement than a rocking chair, so start preparing now! Parents, make music with your kids now; avoid the alienation blues later!


The real thing: handing down the tradition


Patrick Henry Doherty listens to Kevin Henry, master piper, flutist, tin whistler and shanachie. This is the way to learn. Seek out the carriers of tradition, listen and learn.

Heroes! Dan Taff and son Danny. Danny displays his First Place medal in the tin whistle contest at the Gaelic Park Feis Danny also dances. His two younger sisters are also Irish step dancers. Kudos to the parents of these young people for long hours of time supporting the family’s tradition inheritance.

Mary Pat Morajda of Chicago decided she wanted to learn the violin. She enrolled in a classical music Suzuki class and at the same time, Irish fiddle lessons with David James at World Folk. Here she is, center row second from the left, performing with others in the adult orchestra.

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Katie and Meghan Garcia are versatile on many instruments and styles. Click on the picture for details of the debut of their group, Wild Rose, and click on Student Compositions for two tunes, one by Katie, one by Meghan.



Vincent, Lilly and Ellen Sipocz. Mom’s learning along with her children.



Mike and Sam Jones, multi-talented guys, know American old-timey and Irish tunes and songs.



Wilson Faeh loves to play for his new baby sister. He has learned an amazing amount of music for having started young (at five years old).

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Garrett McGarry goes to Irish competitions with his parents and sister and wins ribbons all over the place!



Mike Satiros, David and Kim, at a recent fiddle festival. Mike wowed ‘em with Bucks of Oranmore.

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Patrick Henry Doherty is a very funny guy, who also excels in scouting.



Danny Wall is never afraid to tackle the toughest challenges, at school and in music.

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Lyle Kleese knows many Irish tunes and is particularly good at rhythm and Irish  ornaments on the tin whistle.



John Moroney never had music before. Now he’s conversant with rhythm, melody, and a brand new second “language!”

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Diane Lofquist is going to dulcimer festivals, playing in church, learning new computer and recording skills.


The High Strung String Band: Colette Cusack, Maureen McCormick, Connie McIntosh were inspired by a fiddling CD to play themselves, and they did it!

Shannon Zofkie can play the fiddle and dance! Click on the photo to see Shannon with more (!) prizes.
Gavin Maloney won his first-ever prize playing the tin whistle!



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