These are all the tunes on the Lone Man's Path CD. Click on the name to play. Enjoy!

1 Reels: Baby’s First Flute/ Dancing in the Rain/ Finn McCool’s (David James) The first title arose from a slagging match about wooden flutes (“This one makes yours sound like…”). The second remembers a summer night. Kim and I gigged at Finn McCool’s Pub in Porter, Indiana, for four years with many memorable guests. David: dulcimer, fiddle, piano.

2 Bridget Cruise, Fourth Air (Turlough O’Carolan) She was Carolan’s first love. David: two dulcimers, one hammered and plucked.

3 Cards (David James) I imagine this occurring during the Great Star- vation, when cheating at cards was a bigger offense for a “gentleman” than dispossessing the poor. David: vocal, guitar; Dan Broder: guitar and1st lead; Ethan James: guitar and 2nd lead.

4 Carolan’s Draught (Turlough O’Carolan) One of my favorites of the well-known Carolan tunes, David: hammered and plucked dulcimer, piano; Kim Hoffmann: whistles.

5 Festival Ball Waltz (Mike Skytte) I heard Mike sing this sad, angrysong many years ago in Minnesota, and asked him for it. It’s still a favorite of mine after eighteen years. David: vocal, guitar, dulcimer, 2- row diatonic accordeon, piano, bass.

6 Hornpipe: The Lone Man’s Path
at the summit of Sliabh Liag outside
Teelin, Co. Donegal is a path wide enough for only one person, called Casán an Aon Duine, The (One) Lone Man’s Path. Learned from a Jimmy Lyons recording on RTE CD 196, The Donegal Fiddle. I have taken the lone man’s path. David: dulcimer, bouzouki.

7 Kim’s Song (David James) A birthday present for my sweetheart.
David: vocals, guitar, dulcimer; Ethan James: guitar and lead; Kim
Hoffmann: vocals, bodhrán.

8 Jig: Kitty’s Rambles first heard from Johnny Burns (box) and Michael Clancy (fiddle) on an ’86 trip to Ireland. It’s in O’Neill’s. David: damped dulcimer and piano.

9 Friend To Me (trad. new words by David James) first heard from the great old-time musician Dan Gellert, who learned it from a Carter Family recording. It evolved over 20 years, and I wrote another verse. David: vocal, dulcimer, guitar, banjo, piano.

10 Miss Noble (Turlough O’Carolan) this tune, found in O’Sullivan’sCarolan; it challenged me with its strangeness. While some think it was mis-transcribed long ago, I chose to take it as presented and make a go of it. David: dulcimer, fiddle, harpsichord.

11 Row On (trad.)/ Night Winds (trad, new words by David James) The first, learned from John Townley, was found by musicologist Gail Huntington in an 1846 journal from the New Bedford whaler, Three Brothers. The second I learned from Gary, Indiana, folksinger Danny Mack. I loved it so much I wrote the middle verse so I could sing it longer. David: vocal, dulcimer, guitars, bass; Kim Hoffmann: vocals.

12 The Scolding Wife/ The Launching of the Boat/ Drowsy Maggie Three reels played together in Kilcar, Co. Donegal. Thanks to James
Byrne and Peter Carr. David: dulcimer, fiddle, piano.

13 Festival Friends (David James) For Grandpa Paul Grier, written on the train to the Walnut Valley Festival and a reunion with treasured Festival Friends. The Irish tune is Music in the Glen. David: vocal, dulcimer, fiddle, piano, bass.

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